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High Pressure Water Jetting to Clear a Blocked Drain

High Pressure Water Jetting

Domestic Drain Blockage Clearing by High Pressure Drain Jetting

The simplest method of clearing a blocked drain is done with a high pressure water jetting machine. The water jet will quickly clear the blockage, and our on-site engineer will be able to tell you what caused the blockage.

In the few cases the blockage should not be cleared by this method, a CCTV Camera can be sent up the pipework to show what is causing the problem.

Call 01904 758288 for advice on having your drain unblocked by High Pressure Water Jetting.

Kaiser Whale Manvik Large Jetvac

Large Jetvac System

Industrial Blockage Clearing by High Pressure Drain Jetting

If you have a larger problem, we can deal with it on site with our Kaiser Whale Manvik Jetvac Tanker.